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    Ok Im resposting this since they thought they had the right to delete my post. WordPress lacks support and is no good of help at all. They let a hacker take over my 3.5+ Million hits blog I emailed them and tried to get it back. I’ve been hacked a # of about four times. They have helped me almost every time. But now they are saying (NO) because I got the information wrong. It’s their fault that I no longer know the email under (Watex.) Their the ones who allowed the hacker to change it. Their the ones who let the hacker change the blog admin email. Everything got changed on me. How am I suppose to know the information if a hacker has changed it. Im not; its almost impossible to know. Unless the hacker contacts you or something, you have no clue. Anyways I would have my blog if it wasn’t for wordpress. If they could actually contact you asap, stuff like this wouldn’t happen. They ignore almost all my emails, they never have cared. Do they care that I am an owner of a huge blog that is now being controlled by some hacker. The answer is, they dont care. They won’t give me my blog back. I know almost everything about my blog. I first Created my account (Watex) on Febuary, 12, 2007. That day led to my career of starting a blog. I had so much fun over the past year. Creating a fun Club Penguin Community blog. The blog grew so popular, achieved a goal of 52,000 hits in one day. Usually the blog achieves more than 18,000 hits a day. I worked so hard. All this time wasted. I may not ever get my blog back due to wordpress lack support. If they don’t help me, I will contact a lawyer who will defiantly help me. WordPress will most likely go into severe pain of debt if I get a good enough lawyer. So make the right decision. Answer my email and give my blog back. Thats all I ask. I worked hard. Other users please comment here and give a responce to my message.

    Ps. Why have support if you don’t answer?




    Take this to email.

    Posting in the forum will get you nowhere.

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