landscape vs. portrait images

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    i’m pretty new here, so i think i might just be missing something but….
    when uploading photos, the editor won’t have the “send to editor” button unless
    the photo is a portait. if its a landscape, the button does not appear.
    any help, advice?



    Upload your image, send to editor, copy URL(select all, copy all), then paste that into the post as if it were any other image URL. That way, it keeps the aspect ratios. Note that you may have to change at least one of the variables to get it to fit in your blog, but it should work.



    What browser and browser version are you using?

    If you happen to be on a Mac using Safari, this is a known issue with that browser (search the forum for Safari).



    Safari wouldn’t be affecting that. If you use Safari, the whole thing disappaears, not just the button.

    Interesting point though. I can’t confirm it as I’m on one of my locked downs this afternoon. Can anyone dupe this?

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