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Language Appreciation Game

  1. OK so here is the next game.
    Post your link so the next reader can go to your blog and find an amazing quote somewhere, and then give them a plug on this thread.

    I'll jump in on down the line, but just in case you wanna see my miserable confessional prose today, here tis:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    ... I could use a reminder of what really happens after having let yourself be stupid to the point of laying face up on the floor like a golden retriever: here ya go, trample my guts and eat my heart out.

    This is so humorous with that little bizarre bit of self-loathing in recognition :D

    Here's my most recent post: Tiresome Yogurt.

  3. love this, anna!

    "The shop had ran out of children’s kidneys, so I have had to buy middle-aged-woman kidneys instead. Let’s just hope this works."
    (from the insanity aquarium) :)

  4. phoenixtearsheal

    The Angel that presided ‘oer my birth
    by William Blake

    The Angel that presided 'oer my birth
    Said, "Little creature, form'd of Joy and Mirth,
    "Go love without the help of any Thing on Earth."

    I like this tess, it sooo often feels true !

  5. You said eat dust
    as you walked away
    but I took that dust
    you kicked into my face
    and mixed it with my tears
    a garden made

    Sounds like a footrace that someone turned into an opportunity. Well done.

    Mag7: Hot Pursuit

  6. Charge up two loops in Hyper Mode and shoot splash damage to your heart’s content, or at least until it overheats.

    @Redshirt That is a Clever Post

    Wood My Latest Poem


  7. "you cut me deep, first blood then bone"

    Powerful stuff Dark Jade. I like that poem very much.
    Defying Leviticus

  8. Leviticus can be such a jerk at times. It is good to defy him.

    "He was a fraud, a sham, a pathetic excuse for a man. And oh how ashamed he was of this life of lies. But what was he to do about it. His heart just wasn’t in killing and running amok and certainly not in ravaging women. But what did he want?"

    NIce, Jessielansdel

  9. @Jess Thank you Jess

    The curves turn linear and the lines wave and bend with trembling.

    Very Nice Tessf

    Fair One


  10. Hi, DJ.
    Here is my favorite part:

    The Wavering Shadows…
    Are Your Only Friend
    Blossoms Dance Around you

    I like the musicality in the lines. :)

  11. Tess F’s Excellent List of Superheroes Who Don’t Exist, But You Really Wish They Did


    Whisper Moon


  12. theinsanityaquarium

    'Heck, the pizzas only twelve bucks…'

    I actually love that line, it has a very realistic feel to it and with it standing as a separate paragraph it makes it feel so important, and even though it's a very small part of your story it still caught my eye and made me smile.

    Tiresome Yogurt :)

  13. phoenixtearsheal

    The whole post is hilarious and I now need to know what the yogurt is up; this quote is now a vision in front of my eyes lol

    Since eating the kidneys I have now gained a taste for human flesh and spend all of my time cramming the homeless into my mouth.

    Living by your own conscience

  14. anthonyownsyou

    Here's Mine have at it!

  15. theinsanityaquarium

    Well there isn't any text to quote from in your most recent posts, although I did enjoy the casual mention of 'tits'.

    The Lonely

  16. "Time passed by our thoughts and blanketed our bodies with ash. We had never existed at all."

    Too true Anna! :)

    How Do You Like Me Now?

  17. @theinsanityaquarium

    I swallowed my hair and clawed at my skin and tasted the very last of civilisation. The passing of all ruinous and unbearable. Sorrow rose in my throat and howled at the empty realm. The bones broke in your feet and I drained the blood from our throats.

    I liked that quote :)

  18. Straight after then I decided to treat my brother and his wife to dinner and took them to Frankie and Bennie’s. A sort of Italian restaurant.

    I dig the description here's Italian.....sort of....

    Like the Olive Garden....and Fazoli's. They serve spaghetti...sort of.

    My last post wasn't all me, so maybe this one?

  19. theinsanityaquarium

    'As I think back on what I know of Zombies, I can’t for the life of me remember one instance where a staggering, undead version of grandma ever really got down to it and took a bone saw to someone’s skull in order to get to the delicious brains inside.'

    That was actually awesome! I also rather enjoyed:

    'Faces tend to get eaten a lot. And why not?'

    This is just my sense of humour. It's like you've stolen all the gory funny from my brain, or you've blended it down and drank it :D

    The Insanity Aquarium, take your pick, friends!

  20. Tonight I know you are not awake, but still I know that you are also sat weeping, alone and afraid, where the day has not yet illuminated the ecclesiastical arrangement of mugs and glass, in the very back of my mind. Perhaps one day when I am too drunk I will tell you how you haunt me, but until then you shall sit alone in the darkness, on the kitchen floor. I think you will stay here forever. I think I will be here forever too.

    This scares me. Congratulations.

    No, seriously: good job writing.

  21. Technically Greek mythologies aren’t media-based (they started off as spoken word, after all), but I really can’t discount Odysseus (Ulysses, alternatively) and his achievements in the field of awesome. Firstly, he was the brains behind the military tactics of the Greeks in the Trojan Wars, and also survived (unlike that wuss Achilles; I mean seriously, one arrow to the heel and he thinks it’s the end of the world) to tell the tale of the Trojan Horse to his descendant Telemachus and wife Penelope.

    Like the writing style - entertaining interpretation. Already a fan. Skip me, go visit @theinsanityaquarium or @redshirtfalcon again. :)

  22. theinsanityaquarium

    'The only thing that might make me happier than collecting is organizing the collection into some kind of obscure taxonomy that would make sense to only the most analytical. Collecting would give me control to create order. It would make me the Larry Page and Sergey Brin of my own little domain.'

    This made me so happy. I am exactly the same! Your little quirks of humour are really rather fabulous :)

    The Kitchen

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