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language change, statistics

  1. I have some problems with the WordPress-startsite My chosen Language is German. When I click on a new tab (i.e. „read blogs“) the selected Language switches to English and the tab „freshly pressed“ activates itself. So I have to change Language again to German.
    In the new statistics-tab the tables for weeks and months do not work since the statistics-tab was invented.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. noone can help?

  3. I will flag this thread so it will be moved to the Translations Forum for you.

  4. @bravo56: sorry for the inconvenience! We have been making some changes to the start (home) page. Thanks for the report, our developers are looking into this.

  5. @bravo56: hi, this has been updated a couple of days ago and now you should be able to browse the main screen in whatever language you choose from the dropdown. The top admin bar will remain in the language that you have set under User > Personal Settings. Please let us know if it's not working as expected - thanks again for reporting this!

  6. hi jenina
    thanks for your support. Now it seems to work well.
    But what is with the "stats"-bug? Or ist it a feature? ;-)

  7. @jenia: Maybe related: If I search for "grenze" on!/topics/ than I get this search result page:

    The language setting is changing from "de" to "en" ...

    Blog and profile is set to german.

    Kind regards

  8. @bravo56: Sorry, I missed your query about "Weeks" and "Months" under My Stats. Could you please let me know:
    1) What browser and version you are using?
    2) How does the issue manifest itself: the spinner that keeps spinning, error message, page takes several minutes to load, anything else?
    3) If you switch to a different browser, e.g. Firefox, are you able to view those tabs?

  9. 1) I use firefox 11.0
    2) It's the spinner that keeps spinning.
    3) In Opera 11.61 it's exactly the same.

  10. @zodiac1978: seems like your report about search results defaulting to the English site was originally marked as spam. I de-spammed it now and can reproduce the behavior you have reported. Following up so it can be fixed - thanks for your patience!

    @bravo56: I can reproduce the forever-spinning issue with My Stats, too :( It seems that the stats load correctly if you access them via (rather than Could you please try that as a temporarily workaround, until the original issue you reported is resolved?

  11. My workaround is, to watch my statistics via the dashboard. In my opinion ststistics rather belong to my personal dashboard than to the startsite.

  12. @bravo56: stats should now be loading from as they do from

    Of course, you are welcome to view them via the dashboard, too :)

  13. Thank you for your help. Everything s now working fine.

  14. Great, thanks for checking and happy blogging! :)

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