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Language choice

  1. I need to publish my blog in French as well as English. I would like to create the French blog as a seperate blog and then join them with an Special Home page which gives a choice of "English" or "French", the selection of which links you to the blog of choice. How can I do this - easily?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because we are not allowed to have any JS, I would create a Menu item for French language which links to your french blog.

    You could create a custom link for this so that it links directly to your blog. I have done similar thing for my forum under "Any Questions". Have a look a my blog:

    Good luck.

  3. You lost me at "...not allowed to have any JS". What is JS? If I understand your suggestion, I am not sure I can do what you propose; I do not have any Menu bar. Is that the thingy that is across the top of the page?

  4. You have a Menu Bar with two links: Home Posts

    What I was saying is that you could add the third link to your French blog so it looks like:

    "Home" "Posts" "French Blog"

    JS is short for JavaScript but ignore it because we can't use it on WP blogs. Strictly not allowed.

    I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say. Perhaps not a good idea but idea it is which can be imroved upon.

  5. JS is javascript. The long and short of it is, create a static entry page on either blog, it doesn't matter which, with links to English and French blogs. Each blog has to choose a language under Settings->General.

  6. Just got back to this. Thank you both for the suggestions. The menu solutions sounds easy - I check out how to do it - but I like raincoasters idea so I'll give that a shot.

  7. @gof78
    We can set only one interface language for our blog here > Settings > General
    You can have 2 blogs in 2 different languages, of course, but we have don't support automatic translations between them.

    You'd need to write a blog post in the two languages and then post to each blog (or post the two versions of the entry on the same blog, make each language category, create a custom menu and add the categories pages to it).

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