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    I’m wondering and more people do.
    We can change our blog to our own language and then everything is in that language, but not everything is translated right. Like on my blog “filed under” and the complete comments are not in dutch. I use “unsleepable”. I liked to see that changed. I know you can do that at once. The same whit the theme “white as milk”.

    Like I said you can not do that all, but thats why I like to offer myself. The same is on the forum. The dutch forum looks great, but it had a lot of beauty mistakes. As we call them. It is dutch, but they don’t always make sense.

    I hope you like my offer and maybe we could make wordpress better for everybody. You may always contact me personal for the ones who could find me email address. (I don’t post it here because of spam.)



    Same goes for me. It makes me sad to see the template in Duch and just those few words in English.



    Have you pitched in on the translation project?



    The problem here is not a shortage of translators, it is that most themes are not translation-ready. With the exception of a small number of themes based on the Classic template, the English terms are hardcoded into the theme itself.

    I don’t know whether is even set up to handle other i18n-ready themes at this time. The only documentation I have been able to find on localizing themes is here. Best thing to do is send a feedback and ask whether they’re planning to do this themselves and whether they would accept patches from the community.



    wank, you make excellent points! Most of the themes here are are actually “translation ready” and the phrases are in, but if you find any are not, let me know through support which ones are not and I will work on correcting that.


    well, unsleepable is certainly not translation ready, that’s for sure. and just a cursory look around casts “most” into doubt.



    Thank you sunburntkamel for pointing this out, I will work on fixing unsleepable.



    The following themes seems not “translation ready”: Blix, ChaoticSoul, Connections, Cutline, Day Dream, Fadtastic, Fleur De Lys, Flower Power, Fresh Bananas, Garland, Hemingway, Iceburgg, Jentri, Kubrick, Light, MistyLook, Neat!, Neo-Sapien, Ocean Mist, PressRow, Regulus, Sapphire, Simpla, Sunburn, Sweet Blossoms, Tarski, Thirteen, Treba, Twenty-eight Thirteen, Unsleepable, Vermilion Christmas.

    Some others are mostly ready: Digg 3 Column, Emire, Fauna, Fjords04, Pool, Quentin, Rounded, Solipsus, Supposedly Clean.

    The remaining are ready.

    I, for myself, would really appreciate having Digg 3 Column ready.




    The same applies to K2 in French. It says Next page and previous page instead of page suivante / page précédente. and publié 5 septembre 2007 instead of publié le 5 septembre 2007
    Also at the bottom of the page, it says publier sur WordPress and I think should say “publié par WordPress, if publié means published, unless it’s an exhortation, in which case it would look weird anyway. At the moment it looks like a bunch of spelling mistakes, which bothers me because my few readers think *I* made them ;)



    As I understand it, the theme templates use some sort of tokens/variables to represent strings, which relies on the translation process to get, well, proper language rendering. Some theme designers, instead of using such tokens/variables, hardcode plain english string which cannot be replaced with the proper translation.

    In regard with the spelling, I suggest you go to and edit/add entries for French over there. This is actually done on a voluntary basis. Your contribution would be welcome.



    OK, thanks! I went there this morning, but wasn’t sure if I was supposed to post anything… I will then.

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