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    Hi guys!

    My blog is edited both in English and Italian and each one of my posts is bilingual. Sometimes posts are too long and so i have to split the post in two parts, thus hiding the English translation to the occasional foreign visitors. Would it be possible to add language flags in the top of the pages to show that a certain blog is bilingual or to just show which language is that? Sometimes i bump into other people’s blogs and I have no idea where they are blogging from :)



    I have a similar problem – it must be we Italians…
    I would like to have a bilingual blog, but in a separate way – I wouldn’t like a long post in English and Italian.

    I am quite a newbie, so the only idea that came to my mind is to create a second blog with identical theme and structure, and posting there in the other language. Still, it would be nice to have a flag at the top of the page that links to the “translation” blog.

    Is there a more elegant way?



    You could add it a text widget and put it at the top of your sidebar explaining this. Include links and all that.

    While you mention that your posts are too long, you could also use the more tag and place the english translation on one side with the italian one of the other side of the tag.

    WordPress is not setup for a bilingual system although you could probably fake it with one of the multi paged Posts plugins. There are CMSes that do exist though with this in mine. Back-end is the main one that comes to mind. Both of these ideas would require hosting elsewhere though.

    Hope this helps,



    I use different categories to mark postings in various languages. In this way, when you click the English category, you see only the postings in English, and the same for Italian. However, you should post the same message two times – once in English, and another time in Italian (but then you can have more text). I don’t know if this is an elegant solution, but it is simple, and works for me. My front page is bilingual and static.

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