Language on dashboard in WordPress?

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    I’m thinking of moving another blog I have on Blogger because of google’s bullying and manipulation.

    I live in a Spanish speaking country but I speak English and do not want all the Spanish crap google puts out based on my ISP. They won’t allow me to disabled “location” without first installing their toolbar, etc., other hoops to be jumped through. I’ve come to hate google.

    My question is: does WordPress do the same thing? Put ads and instructions in whatever language the ISP is in?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not exactly clear what you mean by ads. Every post published on the official blog does appear as an announcement link on our wordpress.COM dashboards and we cannot remove these. also run ads on our free hosted blogs here and has done so since 2006. The advertising is not visible when we are logged in and it’s not visible to those using Firefox browsers with AdBlock Plus. If we do not want advertising to appear on our free hosted wordpress.COm blogs we can purchase and annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

    We set the language for our blogs on this page > Settings General and we can only make a single language choice there.

    I hope this does answer your question and apologize, in advance, if it doesn’t.



    I’ve looked into this a little more closely now and want to let you know that we have the option of choosing to display our location or not on blogs in our prifiles and also at > Your User Profile at can be accessed via Users → My Profile in your dashboard: None of this information is required, and you should only enter it if you are comfortable with it being publicly accessible. allows you to geotag your user profile and posts. That means you can assign an earthly location to your account and to each of your posts if you wish to. To start geotagging, you must first activate the feature in your profile. Go to your blog’s admin and click “Users” → “Personal Settings” from the admin menu.
    Make sure to adjust the privacy settings to your taste. At the bottom of the “My Location” box are checkboxes that allow you to control the privacy of your account’s location, and the default privacy of your posts.

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