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    Why can I only change the interface language partially? I would like it to be entirely in English as I don’t have any German and keep getting large sections in German…

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s very odd. We can set only one interface language for our blogs here > Settings > General

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    Your blog’s Dashboard is definitely set in English, but your account may not be. Please check at!/settings/account/


    Yeah I have checked my account many times, its set to English.



    Specifically, which parts are still in German?


    It is when I go to put information in to My public profile that the fields come up in German. And also when I went to add a Gravatar a lot of the information was in German too.


    I can take a screen shot and email it if that helps?


    This is what I got when I went to change my Gravatar for example…

    Lade ein neues Bild von Deinem Computer hoch
    Verwende deine Webcam, um einen Schnappschuss von dir aufzunehmen
    Gib uns ein Link von ein Bild,um es Online zu nutzen
    Benutze Dein letztes Avatar (falls Du eines hattest)



    It was from – but now this is all appearing in English…which is great…however the fields on My Profile (found through Users – My Profile) are still appearing in German.


    And when I click on the link to upload a new photo (the link is in German) the Gravatar screen that opens is in German:

    Wähle eine Datei von Deinem Computer

    Sie können jeder Größe Bilddatei von Ihrer Festplatte hochladen.



    For your profile and Gravatar, try doing all that at!/settings/public-profile/

    I checked under your account, and everything is in English, so I’d recommend clearing your browser cache:

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