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    I noticed last night that the fonts got larger on different parts of the Dashboard. The category numbers are really large. Some of the other text has gotten really large. Here’s an example of the problem:

    It appears like this in various other places in the Dashboard. I’m using Opera 9 on XP Pro at 1152×864.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem?



    It happens every once in awhile. I think it is the browser and the CSS fighting myself. If you reload, it gets rid of it for myself.



    What’s odd is that it hadn’t done it until the past few days. But, you are correct in that it’s the browser’s fault. Sometime after I had made the post, I closed out all applications and went to “reconfigure” my aquarium. When I came back to WP later, the fonts were still really big, but at least the words weren’t slammed into each other like a traffic accident.

    I still think the fonts could be brought down a couple of notches. They are just too bold and large. It’s not like it helps a vision-impaired person — the rest of the dashboard uses much lighter fonts.

    At least it’s confirmed that the “crushed” words are just a browser quirk. Maybe I can apply a user stylesheet to fix those bulky words, etc.

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