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    Recently my images are becoming cropped when enlarged, after I have clicked on a thumbnail in my gallery. When I set up the site, you could select a thumbnail and it would become enlarged and show the entire image. Now it is cropping off the righthand side of all my images!

    This never used to happen and I don’t know how to fix it.

    Any info would be much appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is


    Is this the blog you’re talking about?

    Did you suddenly switch to a new theme?


    From what I can see, your images are coming in full-sized unless the browser window is smaller than the image in which case my browser shows the magnifying glass and I can either click on the image or widen my browser window to see the whole image.

    Is there a particular link you can give us and a specific image that you see this problem on?



    Thanks for your replies.
    No I haven’t switched themes, always kept the same one.

    For example:
    If you go to “Photo galleries/ Reptiles” and click on the picture “Hoplodactylus pacificus (Pacific gecko), Little Barrier Island, NZ.” the larger image is shown without the geckos head….which seems to have been cropped off!

    Is this not happening on your computers?



    OK, what is happening is that your gallery images are set to go to an “attachment” page which is limited to the width of the theme post area. My suggestion is to set the gallery to link to the “image file” which will open the image in the browser window instead of in a post-styled window. See the following support document for more information on editing the gallery so that it links to the image file instead of an attachment page.


    Right, ok I tried changing it to link to “image file” and it worked, however this enlarges the images in a new window.

    Ideally I would like to retain the “gallery” function whereby the thumbnail images are shown along the bottom and you can click the next image to enlarge it.
    When I first set up the galleries (with link to attachment page) eventhing worked great. I have no idea why it is not working anymore! I have checked my mates page, who has a similar gallery setup, and the same problem is occurring.

    Do you know if I can resize the images to fit within the gallery frame?



    If you are talking about the “attachment” page that was showing when you clicked on one of the thumbnails, wordpress will automatically resize images to fit within the available posting area. If they do not, then it has the potential to “break” the theme and cause the display to go all wonky.

    There are some attributes for the gallery images, one is for size, but it only changes the size of the images in the gallery.

    What you are describing, gallery thumbs with the image shown larger above the gallery images as far as I know has never been a feature here at wordpress.COM. There are plugins that do that sort of thing for self-hosted blogs, but nothing here.



    Many of the new themes show a link to the full size image above or below the image in an attachment page. The theme the OP is using is Chaotic Soul, which is pretty vintage here as far as themes go.

    The problem is especially noticeable in this attachment page

    If there’s suddenly been a change in the way the Gallery behaves, I’d suggest contacting Support directly and also include a link to this thread.

    Also, you may be interested in reading my Not the Official Gallery FAQ



    Hi, this has also happened to my images as well. I am using the same theme. It used to be when you clicked on an image displayed on the page, it opened a larger version in a separate pop-up window (not a full separate page) and from there you could then click on “next” or the forward arrow, (I cant remember which) and it would take you through all your photos in this pop-up window. This pop-up window does not come up anymore and it just crops the photo, in half sometimes. Not very useful.

    Any idea how to sort this? Its very annoying as it makes my blog virtually useless if you cant see the photos properly.



    Please read the comments above your own.

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