Large Images from Thumbnails look distorted!

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    I am basically taking a print screen of a web-site, and pasting it to paint then uploading it to my post now when I click on the thumbnail the image looks very distorted. I have tried making the linkable image smaller to no avail. Any ideas?



    Do you have an example to try and relate to?



    Paint isnt the best solution for stuff like this, since you will lose picture quality. Best bet is to use a proper image editor such as photoshop, or Gimp (which is free). They’ll both save the image and keep its picture quality, And make undistorted thumbnails for you. Gimp may take some getting used to though. Since its open source its far from being the most user friendly app out there, but its worth struggling with.



    when I click on the thumbnail the image looks very distorted

    could it be because the picture isn’t at its full size? try clicking on the thumbnail again. move your mouse around the image; if there’s a plus + sign click on the enlarged image for it to appear at its actual size (which is bigger).



    Why don’t we wait for the example so we can see what is occuring instead of making guesses?

    Also tiamatsdisciple please remember that we don’t try to tell folks to use different software around here.


    where did i tell her not to use wordpress??

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