"Large" images too wide in "Linen" premium theme

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    I’ve noticed recently that when I insert images into my post, the size options “large” and “full size” will now both display the image at 1024 pixels width, although

    a) the width of the “Linen” theme’s content area is only 610 pixels, and
    b) the original image is larger than 1024 pixels anyway, so “full size” is not even the correct term.

    As I insert most of my images with the “large” option, expecting them to stretch 100% of the content area, i. e. 610px (like it was some months ago), I had to change ALL of my blog post’s images and enter “610” for the width manually. This was very annoying, of course, and I’d like to know if I’m missing something.


    The blog I need help with is troisetoiles.de.


    a) you can override the default image image dimensions for thumbnail, medium and large at settings > media. Is the large size there set to 1024px width?

    b) Full-sized is sort of misleading, but in this case what it is supposed to mean is the maximum width for the post/page area in the theme you are using.

    Do you perhaps have the Custom Design/CSS upgrade, and did you by chance change the “maximum image/video width on the CSS editing page to 1024?

    Past the above, I’m afraid we volunteers cannot be of any real help since we do not have access to the premium themes. You will have to ask in the premium support forum, a link to which can be found at appearance > themes in your dashboard near the top where it shows which theme you are currently using.



    Hi, thanks!

    It was solution a) I wasn’t aware of. Great.


    You are welcome.

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