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Larger Pagination Links?

  1. psburnsurvivors

    Is there a way to enlarge the Pagination links? I feel the visibility isn't as prominent as it should be (using 2011 theme), especially given that they're oddly placed beneath the Share options, when, in reality, the links themselves are integral to the reading of the content.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only way to increase the size of the font is to purchase a custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing.

  3. psburnsurvivors

    Thanks timethief. I have access to the Custom Design, but cannot locate anything regarding Pagination ... any CSS tips on this? :)

    Thaaaaaaaaanks again!

  4. I will flag this thread so it gets moved to the CSS editing forum for you where you can get help with CSS editing.

  5. @psburnsurvivors
    You could put named links, in a larger font, below page one of that post:

    <div style="font-size:200%;line-height:1.4em;">
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img class="aligncenter" style="box-shadow:none;border:0!important;background:transparant;" src="" alt="" /></a>
    <a href="" title="warm but safe in winter">Warm but safe</a>
    <a href="" title="tips for heating safely">Heating Safety</a>
    <a href="" title="keeping children safe">Keeping Children Safe</a>

    But opinion here
    I think you'd make your points about heating safety more clear if you make each topic as a separate post as well as keeping the summary pages as you have them. Each of those pages has a number of topics, which as separate posts could be tagged specifically so potential readers would find them more directly:
    For example:
    here you discuss a number of topics
    You have several topics including:
    your heating unit may actually be housed in a closet-type enclosure
    only use the kind of fuel that your heater is designed to burn
    never use a cooking stove to heat your house or a room in your house
    /end my opinion/

  6. @psburnsurvivors

    I can move this to the CSS forum so someone could tell you how to make the pagination links larger, but, again, opinion here:
    I have several posts with separate pages, and my stats show that folks don't click on to read the page 2 or 3 or beyond.
    Still opinion, I think you'd be more clear about your topic if you made links with titles that link to specific information. Keep the pillar post, but add links to more specific details you discuss.
    again, end opinion.

    BTW, you don't need CSS to make the link text larger as I posted above.

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