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  1. Is it possible to reverse the order in which comments are listed in order to have the most recent comment at the top and the oldest at the bottom?

  2. Not on a blog; I think it is on an independently-hosted one with a bit of snazzy coding or a plugin, but we can't get to the code level to do the tinkering at

  3. I think that should be considered as a future wordpress update maybe? Do consider sending the idea to support 2pat... I would have done it on your behalf but support always closed in my neck of the woods!

  4. It's so un-standard that I would be floored if they offered it. Blogs have very little sense of tradition, but reverse-chronological for the posts and chronological for the comments is about as traditional as it gets. Can't see them making it optional.

  5. i dont think wordpress would make that a reality.
    its very logical to view the latest comment first isnt it?

  6. Rain: I think windows live spaces had this option (I am not sure if that is still the case but when I went on them for a bit they allowed this)

    I don't see what's so wrong with reverse chronology (newest first, oldest last)... I mean after all, that's how the blogs are structured aren't they? So what would be wrong if comments were done in that way.

    Riraito: Did you mean to say illogical?

    I don't see anything wrong with it. Again I am looking at comments as blogs posts. When I go to see a blog I do not always want to see the oldest blog post first, I want to see the latest post... So I can look at that for comments as well?

    Anyway that's just my random opinion. Does anyone else here think that reverse chronology of comments is a backward sounding idea?


  7. By backward sounding I mean bad LOL just in case not everyone understands my jibberish.

  8. Just to put my vote in. As an old timer I'd like to at least have the option to have the blog in reverse. As I've only just started it would make more sense for me. As I increase my number of posts then it would make sense but right now reversed makes the most sense to me.

    I'd a least like a sticky post which stays at the top of the others which I can do a changing summary on. That would be just as good.

    It genuinely suprises me that the option isn't already there!

  9. @georgejepps - You can have a static front page/post. Go into Settings - Reading and it's the first group of options.

  10. u made a good point there.for me i prefer to see commentd latest first,same goes for forums e-mails =)

    just a personal preference and i am sad to say there isnt a way to change it according the way you wanted =(

  11. @georgejepps, if you search the FAQ for instructions on writing a book, you'll see the instructions for reverse chronological order posting; it's non-trivial. is a basic, starter web solution. If you want to go totally against the grain of the blogosphere, it's best done on a custom install, which you can tweak any way you want with relative ease. keeps the options here limited so more sophisticated users will go to self-hosted.

  12. Though I feel I am not alone in thinking there is some merit in the idea, the simple answer is that it is not possible without going self-hosted; your comments are much appreciated.
    Anyway, I am not going to let this issue affect the admiration I have for the wordpress team, thanks guys.

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