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    Hi! I have been modifying my blog, address below
    and have managed to change quite a few things in the Benevolence theme without knowing one darn thing about CSS. (The method I used is torturous!) But now I’ve hit the wall.

    1. There are still some “red spots” that I want to change to green, but I can’t find them in the benevolence code. I don’t know what they are called and I just can’t find them to change them. Could you look and tell me what they might be named?

    2. If you hover over the words in the image, it ‘runs away.’ Do it and see. I don’t know what this is called to look for it to eliminate it.

    Thank you!



    Can you point us to specific examples of your items above? I did a quick look at your front page and I don’t see any red nor do I see any images.

    Oh – and you might want to link your username to your blog


    Thank you for looking, Vivian. Something strange! In Firefox, everything shows up as green that I wanted green, but in Explorer there are several texts still red as in the original coding! Why would that be?!!

    The ‘red words’ are ‘edit,’ in its usual position, under the top August 25 blog, ‘comments’ in the top blog plus the word ‘More,’ and ‘comments’ in I think the second blog. All the rest of these words in similar positions are in green, as I CSS-coded.

    And the image question: at the very top, the header place, don’t you see a lily with the words The White Lily Blog slightly to the left? This title shrinks when you hover.

    I really don’t know what to do now, with the green color being correct in Firefox.


    Oh Vivian!–I don’t especially link my name to the blog. Why would that be a good thing? (Perhaps it would help me remember it, at that….)



    Why would that be a good thing?
    1. Easier to help you if we can just click your username to see your blog.
    2. you will get more traffic from people reading this forum.



    The reason the text on your blog header is jumping is because you set two different sizes in the code. Here is the regular code:

    #blogTitle {

    and here is the hover code:

    #blogTitle a:hover {
    	margin:14px 0 0;

    Note that one has the font at 11pt and the other is 8.5pt. Pick the size you want and make them the same.

    I don’t see any red anywhere – either you fixed it or you are looking at your blog in a version of IE other than IE7.

    As for linking your name – I had to scroll back up to the top of the page to find your blog link. Would have been a lot easier if I could have just clicked on your name.


    Vivian, thank you so much! I added the link as you said to, and used your coding to fix the title problem. I’ve got a couple of widget problems cooking in another post (but I can’t seem to find it at the moment! I’m taking it as a sign to wash the dishes.)

    I couldn’t find which Explorer I have! I right-clicked, then Properties, but it didn’t say, nor in my control panel. And today, Firefox wouldn’t even recognize the name of the site. It’s all very confusing to a newbie!

    Thanks very much, again! May God repay you, as they say south of the border.


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