Lastest Post is not showing the end of all paragraph lines

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    In my latest post, my blog page only shows 4/5ths of the sentences. The end is cut off, as if it was formatted strangely. However, I have copied my post, deleted the old one, and started a new one…with the same results. It is only this last post, and not any of the others. Help!

    The broken post is below:

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you copy and paste the contents into the post?

    Try this first please. Settings > Writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “Save Changes.”

    Now, starting with your latest post, open it in the editor, make one minor change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then click “Update Post.” Check your blog and see if it is back to normal. If not, then you may need Staff help.


    Switch the editor to html and delete this from the beginning:
    <div id="main">

    Further on, you’ll find a couple of those:
    and a couple of those:
    Delete them.

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