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    I just used my feedback forum to request the addition of a album art widget to the availible sidebar widgets in the presentation section. For those of you that dont know, is a service that records and generated reports and feeds about the music you listen to. You can see a sample of the plugin at work at .

    For those of you who think this would be a good idea, use your feedback forum to do the same. its on the top right corner of your main user page.



    Yes! widget is going to be cool,’s frames doesn’t simply fit most of the sidebar sizes



    Well, whoever says you can’t add because of Java, or HTML, or any other widget is just not knowing what he or she is talking about, and it does not matter if it is a blogger or the owner of the damn WordPress. I have been developing websites for 10 years, and if the staff here is not competent enough to allow java AND still protect THEIR butt, well guess what it is not my business.

    Do like me, got to Blogger. I spent 1 hour figuring out everything I can’t do here, and it took me 1 minute to add widget with all the java it contains on Blogger.

    Bottom line, the problem is not, it is not you, it is not me, it is not java, it is WordPress!

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