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  1. I have been searching the forums and web in general for a widget I can put on my blog. I don't see anything post 2008 Seems strange....does anybody have a link for this for Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but the widget contains code we cannot use on For security reasons on this multi-user blogging platform the software will strip the code out.

  3. There is a widget that shows your latest tracks. You can take the html code and use it in a text widget.

  4. @andi308
    I see that you do have a LastFM playlist in your sidebar but I also see that you have a WordPress.ORG blog. Your answer does NOT apply here at WordPress.COM. On this WordPress.COM multiuser blogging platform Javascript is stripped out by our software to preserve security. Hence this widget cannot be used on blogs. Please do not post WordPress.ORG solutions into WordPress.COM forum threads as it causes unnecessary confusion.

  5. @davespics
    I do not guarantee that this workaround from 2008 still works but you may wish to try it. Lastfm and project playlist for >

  6. My blog is a blog and the widget is simple html code. No javascript. I got it from the German site.

  7. Semmelsurium Theme: Twenty Ten Proudly powered by WordPress

    Please scroll to the bottom of your theme and click the "powered by wordpress" link in the footer of your blog. It directs to http://de.wordpress.ORG/ which is on the wordpress.ORG domain http://wordpress.ORG

    Without doubt yours is a self hosted wordpress.ORG install and what you posted does not apply to free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM.

    The differences >
    Sticky post at head of forum >

  8. FWIW, I had the image chart playlist in my sidebar until I started to have too many social bookmarks to share.

  9. You're right. That's a link to the German How weird is that! I've never noticed it. Be sure, I know the difference between and and I know my blog a blog. It's not selfhosted and I've never installed any wp software! I use for more than two years.

    The link on the bottom of my page is wrong. As I see in the TwentyTen theme showcase the blogs under 'Who's using this theme?' have a link to The guys of wordpress screwed something up.

    Nevertheless, to post something useful, that's the html code I use in my sidebar for the widget:

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>

  10. @andi308
    The Twenty Ten theme and many other themes come in two versions. One version is coded to run on wordpress.ORG self hosting software. One is coded to run on wordpress.COM free hosted software.

    If you can help davespics out here then please do. :)

    I live in Canada and I refuse to pay for LastFM.

  11. @timethief

    Have you tried Spotify? There's a free version with Adverts not sure if it works in Canada.

    There's also a site called Grooveshark which streams music.

  12. @davespics-The only help I can offer is exactly the same as what andi308 has already said here:

    The image is hosted on's server and changes there. Paste the link to the image from here in a text widget. It's a standard image link and nothing more.

  13. @timethief: For some reason, Twenty Ten blogs hosted by WordPress.COM in languages other than English will display a link to WordPress.ORG at the footer. That's why I prefer to view the Page Info on Mozilla Firefox, where the "Generator" value will either be "" or "WordPress #.#.#" (version number)

  14. ~~airodyssey
    Gosh I had no idea that was the case. Thanks for correcting me.

    I 'm sorry. I was wrong because I did not know what airodyssey just posted above. :(

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