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  1. excusesandhalftruths

    This is giving me a few problems.
    I'm copying the source code from the website into a new text window and saving as usual.

    But the act of copy/paste seems to be stripping out the opening <style type="text/css"> tag. I've tried this several times, and all with the same result.

    I'm at a loss as to what else to try...

  2. excusesandhalftruths

    By copy/paste I mean of course change/save changes. Oops.

  3. You can't use the widget itself because of javascript, but you can still put your chart in your sidebar.

    ThePriceofLove wrote a tutorial on how to add the chart widget here

  4. excusesandhalftruths

    That'll do the job nicely.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. This may help: .

    And there is a way to use the RSS widget to display playlists as well covered in this FAQ (about half way down): .

  6. /nod to tsp Cool! I didn't know about the feeds on Thanks for pointing them out. That would certainly work in an RSS widget.

    @excusesandhalftruths-I like the chart because the image is "dynamic" and hosted on's site. :)

  7. Here's the chart link and you can customize it a number of ways. Put the HTML code generated in a Text widget.

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