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    I recently tried to access my wordpress site and it said it had expired.
    My credit card information changed and I forgot to update the information, that is, if there is even an option to do so.
    To reopen the domain there is an 80.00 late fee? Pretty steep.
    I was wondering if anyone knew how to contact billing support or have any insight in how I can negotiate this fee.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have flagged this for the staff to help

    I have never seen the late fee negotiated

    there has been a bug in the renewal notification emails, but your credit card info changed should have generated a failure email to you (it did on one of my upgrades)



    Thank you for your quick reply.
    I thought it was odd, I didn’t recieve any email notifications from wordpress.
    I even made sure it there wasn’t any mail in my spam/trash folder.
    I would like to continue this blog (I started it in memory of my late Mom), but the 80.00 reinstate fee just seems a bit much.



    Hi indiebil,

    Unfortunately, the late fee is charged by our domain provider to us and we pass it along without additional charge.

    I’m checking with our systems team to review the logs concerning the missing e-mails. I’ll let you know as soon as I have further information.



    @kraftbj – I turned in a ticket over a month ago on this same item – was assured that it was fixed and the store group was working on some other small fixes – I did get an email on a Manual Renew at two days on another account – so they did fix at least a small part – but the auto renew notice is still broken

    But this looks like the same bug i turned in way back – sorry too lazy to dig out the ticket now – I can if it is important to you

    No emails sent for renewal and no notice of renewal showing in the dashboard – yes I know we should all put a note on the calendar or something about renewals, but I just got a notice from my auto insurance to renew – seems a basic feature



    Mike—I’m aware of your ticket, but it isn’t clear yet if they’re related or not. With the high number of domains on, the lack of a large number of e-mail-notification-related domain tickets indicate that it isn’t a simple “they’re working or not” problem (or even a problem at all at this point).

    With this user, since I’m still waiting for the e-mail logs, it could be something on our end, or it could be an e-mail server downstream rejecting the e-mail for some reason, or some other reason (incorrect e-mail address, etc). In either event, there is not yet enough information to determine the cause.




    Just as a follow-up, according to the logs, the e-mail notifications were not delivered because the e-mail address on file at that time was not valid (e.g. the notifications were bounced back as undeliverable by the destination server).


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