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Lates Technorati sucks experience

  1. I haven't bitched about Technorati in a long time. I pretty much gave up on them after they couldn't transfer my rank with my domain name.

    But here's a fun one.. they've started indexing the *comments* on my blog instead of the blog posts.

  2. I do like your little description on the side. ;)

    Goodbye cruel Technorati. I got to an authority of 1250 with, but the act of simply changing my domain name will break you horribly.

    But that is really odd..

    Probably doesn't help you that it's fine for me...

  3. Oh my. The comments now? Sheesh.

  4. I'm totally gonna start commenting more, then.

    But yeah, weird.

  5. You did see that it indexed the comments in the Recent Comments widget like I posted a couple of months ago, right? You're saying they're now indexing the comments themselves?

  6. they're indexing comments on my blog as my latest posts. really weird...

  7. Aaaaahhhh. You get a little Top 5k button next to your profile. My other blog many moons ago was over 5,000 but had no button.

  8. yeh, I just noticed that as well. What gives? the comments feed is totally different than the blog feed. How did that get farted up?

  9. Ha! now my comments are being scraped by sploggers. That's actually kind of amusing.

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