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  1. On my dashboard there is a column to the left which contains a summary of posts, comments, etc. under "Latest Activity". Today I noticed that there was another category there: 'Incoming Links (More)' and underneath that title there was the name of my site: YZed.

    When I clicked on (More) it led me to a Google page on which was displayed only my site. Beside the name of my site was the name of another site: 59Ideas.

    What is this all about? Why would I have this activity listed as 'Incoming Links'? What on earth does 'Incoming Links' mean, anyway?


  2. Incoming links is showing the record of people that are linking to your blog.

    It (I believe) uses Google to show the records.

    59 ideas is shown because it is *or at least has* at some point linked to your blog.


  3. It's a good thing. It's like a trackback.

  4. Thanks for the info. When someone links to my blog, does that mean that they've placed my blog on their 'blog roll' or does that mean they are using what's called a 'RSS feed' to determine whether new material is being added to my blog?


  5. Not necessarily put you in their blog roll, they could have mentioned you in a post or page and put a link to your site.

    Click the link and see where it goes :)

  6. I noticed that someone wrote about a post on my site. They placed a link on that post to my site. However, I didn't notice that there was an additional "incoming Link". Does the "Incoming Link" section list the number of sites who have links to mine?


  7. It lists the sites that link to your site that Google has picked up on. It may take a bit for Google to do so though.

    Hope this helps,

  8. I see...thanks.


  9. Incoming links appears to have disappeared from Latest Activity on my Dashboard. Does anyone know a reason for this disappearance?

  10. Have it on mine...

    If Google is timing out, that may be the reason.

  11. I just started a couple of days ago, but I don't have a "Latest Activity" Box at all.
    the left column of my dashboard has "Your Stuff" just a list of actions I have done, and the right column has "What's Hot" wordpress news, etc.

    will the Latest Activity box appear, or do I have to select, install ir??

  12. It is now all on your Dashboard - Blog Stats page. Nothing you need to do or change bnicklaus!


  13. thanks, i like the blog stats page. it is nice
    will the blog stats page also show a list of incoming links or only the ones that people have recently clicked on??

  14. It is all there already. They are the last 2 boxes at the bottom on the right hand side! :)


  15. @ bnicklaus
    This reference may be of interest to you.
    HTH :)

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