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Latest post does not publish.

  1. I can view and edit my latest post from the post list under the dashboard manage tab. The post status is "published," yet still it does not show up when I click "view site." I've edited/saved/published the new post several times. Anyone else having this problem? Could it be a server issue?

  2. This is the top post I see on your blog
    Is this the post in question?
    If not, then please put up the link to the post you are referring to.
    At that time, also include the name of the operating system you are using, as well as, the name of the browser and, the version of it that you are using.

  3. Check the date and make sure it's not sometime in the future.

  4. My post is showing up now. Thanks. It was something I caused, because I tried to change the time stamp by one hour. Didn't realize it would have such an effect.

  5. Checking the date in timestamp is always a good idea. :)
    I notice this post from today has been published now so,
    I assume the problem might be resolved

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