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Latest post missing title in Reader

  1. My latest post is not showing the title in the Reader even though it has a title. All the other posts show the title except this latest one. How can i get the title to show? Have i done something wrong somewhere without realising?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is very little text in that post. Perhaps that's a factor.

  3. Hmmm surely that would be a reason to actually display the title? And i have one other post with the same very few lines but the title shows up. The posts have art images in them, despite the number of lines.

  4. aflyinthejamjar

    There are many many posts in the Reader which only have an image with no text, yet the title of the post still shows. The 'very little text' is most definitely not a factor. There are posts in 'Photography' with only an image but the titles of the posts most definitely show.

  5. I'm well aware that the small amount of text is not a factor as it's the same in the Art topic, images and no text still shows the post title. I just thought maybe i'd done something wrong this time when posting. As it's an art image the title is important.

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