Latest post not showing blog home page or nav?

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    Hi Brains Trust
    I posted last night and the post isn’t showing up either on my home page (ie latest blog postiings) or on the nav on the right hand side.
    Never had this problem before.

    Strangely enough the email notification went out ok (I subscribe naturally) and the post is accessible that way, but that way only.

    Blog home page:
    The post that has ‘disappeared’ is this one:

    Any ideas what may have happened?

    The blog I need help with is



    The date of every post is embedded in the URL. Take note of the date on that post. – Excellent Ebooks APA Workshop 12/05/2012
    You can edit the post, change the date stamp and then click “update”. I know you aren’t scheduling a post but looks at the second image here and note the date part and edit link >



    hmmm, I think I’ve worked it out. It seemed to have a date set in the past. Somehow. User error *sigh*

    I’ve just edited it and scheduled it to go ‘live’ shortly. Not sure if subscribers will receive again or not…..

    Thanks anyway :)



    Thanks timethief. As you can see I think I figured it out. Duh. appreciate your reply. Sometimes the most obvious things escape your (my) eyes.

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