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    Hi everyone, first time posting here :)

    I had read some of the threads in this forum about Google not indexing a blog’s latest posts after a certain period of time, but I couldn’t find any concrete solutions to overcome the problem. Basically when I first started the blog, new posts and images appeared on Google almost immediately after publishing. However after some time, my latest posts, together with their images, don’t show up anymore.

    I read that Google implemented a Penguin update on April 24 to punish keyword abusers, and my blog stopped getting indexed in early May, but I’ve never received any warning messages from Google Webmaster. I’ve also got my site verified, sitemap submitted and ping-o-matic enabled. Gradually two of my latest posts (in the sitemap) were indexed, but the posts published AFTER the sitemap’s submission still don’t show up. I follow’s guideline about not having the total amount of categories and tags exceed 15.

    1) Is there any way to feedback or ‘complain’ to Google regarding this?
    2) Do I need to resubmit my sitemap every now and then, to ensure that post-sitemap posts are indexed?
    3) How do I ensure that images in the latest posts are indexed? Regarding the posts in the sitemap that were eventually indexed, their images still don’t show up.
    4) This is slightly unrelated – is it advisable to remove category and tag pages in my site’s search results? Does their presence disrupt SEO?

    Thanks and my apologies if I’d somehow missed an earlier thread which shows any concrete solutions to my questions.

    The blog I need help with is


    As this is a support forum, and not a Google support forum, we’re not really able to help you with that here. If you are having issues with Google not indexing your site (keep in mind, it does take a certain amount of time for new content to be indexed, especially if you do not update all that often), please contact Google.



    Hi, so sorry I replied late, yes I understand that this isn’t directly related to WordPress, but was wondering if there are other users who’ve been through the same thing AND know how to fix it. As of now, I’m still having this problem, despite submitting my sitemap after every new post, pinging all services and whatnot.

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