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Latest posts not visible when logged out

  1. My 2 latest posts (both are set to "public" - I checked), dated 30th and 31st October are not visible if I log out of WordPress. It is as if the public/private setting is being ignored for some strange reason.

    One was posted from an iPhone, the other through more traditional methods.

    If anyone has a suggestion what has occurred here, it would be very much appreciated. I don't normally check my site from a logged out state, so I am concerned other "public" posts have never actually seen the light of day either.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To add to the confusion - now the posts are not visible when I am logged out either (cache cleared etc)

    In addition, when I scroll to the bottom of the page and go back 1 page of posts, the bottom 2 posts carry over to the next page. I've never seen that happen before either.

  3. If you are looking - the post on the 30th is about a double rebate bit (with photos of a red router bit), and 31st is called "Trick or Treat" and has a photo of a Halloween decoration in front of my logo.

    If you can see these, please let me know as well.

  4. (and whether you can see them from a logged on or logged off state!)

    Sorry - will stop posting to my own thread now. It is rather early in the morning here, and this has rattled me a bit!

  5. And now they are back, whether I am logged in or not.

    Did the "Gremlins in the system for Halloween" upgrade for WordPress get activated already? :)

  6. I can see them - so I assume this "ghost posts" issue is resolved. :)

  7. I see them too, both logged in and logged out.


  8. ~~@TSP
    I'm on borrowed time on a borrowed computer - Boo hoo! :(

  9. Thanks for checking - appreciated.

    I'm still having 'issues' on both work and home machines, and iPhone on completely different networks/ISP etc, so perhaps there is some strange caching going on between here and the US web servers.

    Too much IT for my liking: given everyone else can see them, it is just one of those things that will resolve itself in its own time, and in the end, if everyone else can see them then there really isn't anything I need to be concerned about :)

    Thanks for the help!

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