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    Check on your Dashboard. I see only seven Latest Posts. Isn’t it supposed to be ten? I wonder why it’s shrinking…or am I completely mistaken and it’s always been seven posts?


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    Where are “Latest Posts?” (15 manage posts/view) Do you mean “top posts?” (11) I don’t understand.



    Latest posts are on your Dashboard main page, below Top Posts and Top Blogs, right at the bottom of the page. It displays posts from all blogs the instant they are posted, except if you use the Sex or Porn tag, or your blog is set as Mature.

    I see it is fluctuating. I saw 10 there, and then 8 at a later point. I am wondering if it’s supposed to be 10 or some set number, but if the latest posts use the two excluded tags or the blogs are Mature, they get dropped. So, for instance, if we see seven Latests Posts, that means of the ten latest, 3 were Mature. Just an hypothesis.


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    Ah. Ok. I see 13.
    blogdapoly : Q desespero… ô dó! rsrs
    theharm : Sharia censorship of movies proposed in Nigeria
    rachelrowell : Next…
    crappuccino : !Crap: manga dan ideologi aneh2
    nonowrites : a place like no other
    tspey : To Bead or Not to Bead… No Question.
    berenise : …
    super20somethingwoman : Another test blog
    sieveandsand : spring 4
    tgaw : McAfee’s Knob!
    grafikdesign : KkMenu plugin for Rocketdock
    1writeway : Print on Demand


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    And now, moments later, 12.


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    They change so fast. Now it’s 9. So what do you do with them? I’ve just ignored them because I don’t see the point?



    They’re meant to encourage you to read other blogs, probably in hopes you’ll link to them. I read the ones with interesting titles quite often.

    But sticking it below my stats means I will hardly ever notice it anymore; they should move it up the page above and put Stats right at the bottom; that’s the way to get people to notice things.


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    Ok. Thanks.

    I paid attention to them (“Latest Posts”) when I first looked at WP back in November when I was deciding on a blog/platform to choose. It took me from Thanksgiving through New Year to commit to WP. Posts back then were experimental and back-dated so I could see how things went here, and other places.

    The 2.5 change has moved things around and made a new learning curve so “Latest Posts” are no longer a priority. News is not easy to pay attention to either, but if that all was above the stats I (and many others) might have noticed the “Possibly an Announcement” sooner…



    Yes, see, the guys who design don’t really care about their stats. As one A-list blogger I know said, once you reach a certain point of hits you don’t care. UNTIL you reach that point, you care. just doesn’t know how much we really care.



    I looked at it first and got 13, I refreshed and got 9, then 9 again, and now I got 12. Maybe theres some sort of pattern haha?

    I like the idea of putting stats on the bottom and the other stuff higher up. People would complain about it though as it would be quite a big change..



    People complain about change, people complain about stasis. There is NO-ONE on more dedicated to stats than me and even I think this is a good idea. If I remember, I’ll send it in as a suggestion on Monday. I love having stats on the front page, but wouldn’t mind scrolling down more for them. It’s worth it for the sake of the community. And staff, who make a living off keeping that community connected, should surely agree.


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    Yeah, well. How much DO we care? Raincoaster, your blog looks very successful!

    I told my boss some while ago that I had 5500 hits on my blog and she was “shocked” that so many people would have ANY interest in cooking, much less Japanese cooking…. boss eats Skippy on white bread and grape jelly from the drawer where people stash packets of catsup, mustard, pepper, paper napkins, and of course grape jelly packets….

    Now after only a few months, I wonder what’s wrong if the stats are below 150! I did not start out (nor do I continue) to blog for the numbers, but they are seductive. My project started in a forum where I got lots of comments. It was easier to write then, talking to the people who commented. They check in, but mostly don’t comment on my blog. Now I have to find a “voice.”


    Mine show nine right now. The thing about latest posts I don’t like is that if you actually see two posts in the list that you might want to read, by the time you’ve clicked on the first and saved it, the other has dropped off.
    That problem is way down on the wish-list of things to fix though.



    I always open in a new tab, so I can see them all. I believe it completely changes in less than ten seconds, that’s how many posts there are on


    And at certain times of the day – such as the height of the Asia shift – many are in Tagalog or Bahasa Indonesia, etc.



    I’ve just posted a new entry and i don’t see it on the latest list – in dashboard!
    do ‘they’ vet it first?
    i have a list of twelve that show up – i guess when there are nearly 3 million blogs that isn’t many!

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