latex and ampersands => formula does not parse

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    help! when i try to use latex code to display matrices, the ampersands required by the syntax interfere with how WP treats ampersands, and i invariably get “Formula does not parse” in any combination of having and not having code tags; wysiwig-editor/plain-editor; and ampersand-alone/html-ampersand/ascii-html-ampersand. some bloggers have found a solution by amending the php files on their WP installation on their servers, but i’m just using WP’s setup, not my own.



    I know nothing about this subject other than where to find the topic in the FAQs. uses standard \LaTeX with the following packages:
    * amsmath
    * amsfonts
    * amssymb
    I’m assuming you have already found that FAQs link and that it didn’t help but just in case Hopefully that someone else will come along who can help you soon. :)



    I have the same problem.



    Have you tried to ascii code for the amersand?

    &# 38 ; (without the spaces)


    (edit, works in the forums)



    I think WP org needs a plugin for latex. Not sure what the situation here is.




    Somehow I didn’t read the entire question. So ignore my suggestion.




    If anyone’s still having this problem, then they may be interested to learn that I got it to work. The key is that it’s highly temperamental about spaces; don’t put any spaces between the ampersands (1&1&1 is ok, 1 & 1 & 1 causes an error). It also will go weird if you put a zero in the first column without a space- \ gets turned into just \ when you save the page (causing another error), so you have to put \\ 0

    In case that makes no sense, this is the 4×4 matrix I finally got to work
    $latex \left[ \begin{array}{ cccc} \gamma&-\beta\gamma&0&0 \\-\beta\gamma&\gamma&0&0 \\ 0&0&1&0 \\ 0&0&0&1 \end{array} \right] $

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