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Latex background color

  1. Hi,

    I have exactly the same question as in , which is a closed topic though no answer is in the thread. Can anyone help? Thanks.

    The reason I'm asking about this is that anything in a blockquote tag has a grey background except the latex images. This makes it look pretty ugly.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh, my wordpress is here:

  3. I don't know the answer, but the gray background for the blockquotes looks good to me, on the white background of your blog.

    If you want the images to blend in, why not give them the same gray background as the quotes.

  4. nah you misunderstood me. My problem is exactly whether I can make the latex-generated images in the blockquote grey in background by some css controls.

  5. Does the actual URL of the latex generated image show up in your HTML tab when you look at the code? This is the link for one of the generated images in one of your blockquotes
    If you notice in that URL, there is bg=ffffff . That is the background color. If the actual URL shows up in the HTML tab, then you can change that to bg=E7E6E2 to match the background of the blockquote. If it does not show up in the HTML tab, then there isn't really anyway to change it as far as I know.

  6. Actually, look at the latex support document: . You can control the colors. WordPress looks at the background of the blog and matches that for the background color. Since your blockquotes are grey, it misses the mark.

    Again, the code to match the blockquote background is #E7E6E2 .

  7. Thanks. I actually know that I may be able to change the background for ONE SINGLE image. Currently the way to type latex on wordpress is $latex blah blah blah$, and it does not seem reasonable if I have to add a code in between for every single image inside a blockquote. Moreover, if I change the theme later on then I will have to reset all these again. Therefore I am trying to see if there's any global css control over this.

  8. You could use the "replace" command in your word processor for all images, then paste the code for each in the text box for the page.

  9. The background color for the latex images is controlled in the image code that is produced by latex, which will override any CSS declarations. Declarations in posts and pages override everything else.

    Besides, if you could declare a background color, it would change it for all latex images, not just the ones in blockquotes so you would either have the issue in the blockquotes, or in the non-blockquoted text. It isn't separated out.

    You can remove the background from the blockquotes in CSS and just have it white like the rest of the post area. You could differentiate the blockquotes with a left border, or even put a box around the entire blockquote.

  10. Thanks all.

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