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    Modularity Lite is such a great theme. I have only one problem with it: LaTeX formulae background.

    I changed the back ground color, but the background of my LaTeX formulae stays #FFFFFF.
    Can Someone fix it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you point a post that has this issue, either as a link or a screenshot? That’d be helpful to we can see what you are seeing.



    The whole line above, including the Chinese characters, is the URL.
    Thanks for the attention. Really appreciate it.



    The formulas have the same background as the main column: black. Is that what you intended? You said earlier that they were white (#FFFFFF).

    Screenshot here:



    Thank you for your timely reply, Lance!

    I have to apologize first that I mis-stated the problem:
    The formula background is too dark (#000000) instead of too light.

    I had to chose a dark background (say, #333333) so it’s not very obvious. But you can still see it.

    I tried some lighter background color, things turned very nasty.

    In a word, the formula background does not adjust the template background.



    the formula background does not adjust the template background

    I understand what you mean now.

    Here are more details on how this works. Each theme has a set of default colors — they are not pulled from the CSS file. Latex uses those color values if you don’t include colors in your Latex formula (see how to set your own colors:

    For Modularity Lite, the default color scheme has the background color as black (actually #111111 — a very dark gray) and text color as #eeeeee (very light gray).

    To further complicate things, the theme uses a transparent background image for the content background, so the Latex background color will show up as a darker black against it.

    So you can either stick with the defaults, or apply your own colors for each Latex formula that you post. If you are using Custom CSS, you can set your background to #111 if you want the Latex to blend in perfectly with your content.

    I hope that helps explain it. :)



    Since I don’t have Custom CSS, I’ll keep everything as is.
    But I thank you for explaining everything. Very educative.



    Magically, the issue disappeared today!
    Thank anyone who made this change!

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