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Latex equation in text widget

  1. Hi!

    I want to add a text widget at my slidebar column, with a mathematical equation on it. I tried to write it with the usual command $latex latex-equation$, but it doesn't work (it does not parse it, it just writes the literal phrase!).

    How can I do it?

    Jose Brox

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please don't post the same thing twice. A quick forum search turns up many threads -- and there might be others with a different spelling or with other words -- and perhaps one or more will be of help.

  3. Thanks, but I actually browsed through all that before posting and didn't find an answer to my problem.

  4. Did you search the FAQ?

  5. Yes, I did too, but it is pretty basic; nothing about text widgets there!

  6. I just did this search (putting this in Google search bar): site: latex in widget
    You might take a look, because I don't know anything about latex. I didn't see anything helpful to you but maybe different search terms??? Otherwise I think you should contact support.

    I tried the sample code from the support section in my test blog and it works in posts, but not in text widget. I only tried it in ChaoticSoul.

  7. Thanks, 1tess. I've written to support, do you know where should I expect them to answer? To my email or to some place on my blog/wordpress account?

  8. You'll get an email. Usually they answer quickly, but it's Sunday so may be slower.

  9. I already have my answer:

    Latex is not implemented on text widgets.

    So, if anyone has the same problem, here goes my (somewhat crappy) solution:

    1. Get your equation as a picture (write it in WinEdt or in a wordpress post and printscreen-it).
    2. Import your image-equation in a wordpress post, give it the format you want it to have in your text widget.
    3. Go to html vision and copy the full image code.
    4. Paste the code in the text widget.
    5. If having formatting problems in the sidebar, put another, empty text widget between your equation text widget and the rest, that should reformat the sidebar.

  10. Sorry the answer was not what you wanted, but your solution looks pretty good. Thanks for posting.

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