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Latex formulas don´t work at all

  1. I am trying to write simple formulas on my blog, but i simply read what I write in the editor, i don´t even get the yellow alert message.
    this is the formula $latex v=tfrac{1}{2}cdot a cdot t^2$ (which parses in any other Latex parser)
    and this is the page
    I have even tried the examples of, they also don´t work.
    Thanks a lot to whom wants to help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try entering the formula when in "text" mode. On top right of the text editor there is a text tab. I suspect your formula is affected by pretty formatting of the HTML editor.

    I just tried with one of the examples and it only worked after I pasted the formula while in "text" mode.

  3. Yes, looks like it works in "text" mode, alright.

  4. Right!
    Thanks a lot. The wysiwyg editor was adding extra tags to the text, which probably confused the parser.

    Thanks again!

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