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Latex not working

  1. Hi,

    I'm not able to use the latex functionality on my blog satisfactorily. I made some posts with several equations, all absolutely correct, from the syntax point of view, but when I see the Preview of my posts, almost 3/4 of the equations won't parse, and another fraction gets showed as the original latex code, complete with the $latex and $ strings. Only a minority of my equations show up correctly.
    The worst thing is that I am able to get some equation working simply "rubbing" it down, namely, erasing and re-entering spaces, pasting strings from other equations, and stuff like that.

    Help please...

  2. Hi,
    i have the same problem. Can someone help us please ?

  3. I just posted some latex that I know worked a while ago and it seems to ignore even the \section{xxxx} commands.

  4. Hello to everybody!
    I have the same problem. The latex functionality seems to be broken down...
    My blog is studded with "formula does not parse"
    Without this functionality I think I will move my blog to blogger...

  5. Uhm, in my case the problem seems to be Google Chrome...everything works fine with other browsers

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