Latex support works only inconsistently

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    I am trying to use latex for equations on my new blog, and they constantly fail when I’m trying them. I can have identical latex code and one time it works, and the next time it gives an error.

    Is this a known issue or is something else going on?

    I ended up having a cut my post short and simplify so I didn’t have to use latex, and even with just 1 latex equation in the post it was very inconsistent and only seemed to work half the time.

    I’ve used latex before on a couple different sites ( especially) and never had trouble so I don’t think its me failing to write the latex correctly.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have a similar problem, but I found that leaving spaces between certain characters can sometimes help.



    WordPress LaTeX is not too powerful as MathJax but there are some ways you can handle ‘parsing errors’. Can you please place the LaTeX code which troubled you?



    There are several different snippets I tried that didn’t work. It seems random whether the page will parse the latex or not.

    One example was:

    “$latex e^{\frac{\pi}{4} i}$”

    A lot of the more complicated expressions where there is an expression inside another expression seem to fail to parse.



    It must work. Although I have found some codes which work badly with WPLaTeX but this is not one. I input $latex e^{\frac{\pi}{4} i}$ and the result was this: Rendering might get troubled by invalid HTML codes.



    I want to use code of mhchem package or chemfig package or any package I want in Latex when I edit on WordPress so the result I will receive is the same as I use latex compile. What should I do?
    For example:
    I want to use code \ce{H2O}



    You can’t use any extra packages. LaTeX on WP is limited in functionality and support amssymb, amsfonts and amsmath packages only. By the way, to write simple chemical formulae you can use ‘\mathrm’ tag. e.g. \mathrm{H_2O} produces the molecular structure of Water.

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