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    Major Issue!
    I put up a secret blog post on my blog of a photo shoot i did of Actress Laurie Holden. People needed a password to access it. I since deleted it entirely. BUT when I google image search Laurie Holden Corina Marie they still pop up. How can we permanently delete this? These images are not meant to be public.
    Corina Marie

    The blog I need help with is



    They could only have been searched by Google if they were once public; did you publish the post and then password-protect it, or has it been password protected since it was created?


    I may have published it for a second and then changed to password protected immediately…..
    I tried to contact google to have it removed from google images and they say I need to contact the webmaster. How the heck to I contact WordPress directly????



    If it’s already deleted from WordPress, then you’ve done all you can do here. I’m assuming you’ve deleted not only the post, b ut the images as well from your media library.

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