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lay out/theme has disapeared suddenly

  1. my layout/theme has completely gone!!!! it was fine until about 15 minutes ago, I didnt touch anything though. I've taken the background off so it's readable for now, will put it back when I find out where my theme has gone!

    any ideas?

  2. I know that there's an option on the Edit CSS page to use just your own CSS adjustments. Have you chosen that options? It appears you may have as it's loading a blank CSS file.

  3. @emptypurse
    Haven't you been experimenting with css?

  4. yeah that was earlier today, everything was sorted! been checking stats and stuff every now and then, thats all i've done since then but I went to look at a page a little while ago and it had all gone agin, including the theme!

  5. ok its back to normal now! i'm confused....thanks anyway guys

  6. glad it's working again, but could you send in feedback anyway?

    your CSS isn't supposed to suddenly switch back and forth like that.

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