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    is there a way to make a text in a post float over an image.
    (say like in photoshop you got an image, and a different layer which is text)
    and if you flatten u got a text over img.
    inside a post specifically, not anywhere else on page which i know is possible.



    Not as far as I know. Although somebody requested it yesterday, too. Weird.



    The only way I could think of is to use a non-offensive (not clashing with the text making it hard to read) background image to the column with the text in. The problems with that is that an image is a set size, your blog entries will vary leaving either a stretched image or a tiled image…..both of which blow the illusion somewhat. Width wise it should be fine, as you can predict that and set the image to match, but length will be an issue.

    For that I believe you’d need the CSS upgrade to apply those changes…..although I could be wrong.


    ok, if someone knows ill appreciate it .
    just in the meanwhile to answer to raincoster’s remark about it being wierd :)…i for example come form the design print world, where type and image are often mixed together to make more visual impact. in a designer’s blog, this would be of great value…..



    Couldn’t you put the content of the post within a special div and use the css upgrade to assign a background image to that div?


    my html aint that hot…..but i think i understand what you are saying (i understand that div is a sort of containing layer? ) and then assign that container a background image.
    i dont know what the code for that would be, :(, but i guess thats true and it should work …ill try later on perhaps and report back.



    It won’t work unless you have the CSS upgrade and know how to use CSS.

    At the number of things we can do graphically with our blogs is quite limited, because we’re on a shared blogging platform and any changes we could make to our template would change things for everyone else using that template.

    In that way, is filtering out those who are looking to do graphically complex things with their blogs. People who sign up for blogs and who want graphic sophistication either buy the CSS upgrade immediately or leave. Or lower their expectations.


    im wont be hosting on, i’ll be using me own template probably.
    hopefully then it should be possible …



    If that’s so, you’re at the wrong site then. You need to be over at as you would be running the software from that site and our answers would be different.



    My solution would be possible, but I didn’t think you could do it with the permissions on the free account. If you have access to the code (on the server) meaning hosted elsewhere…..then it’d be easy done.

    I’ve experimented with text over a graphic with mixed results. More often than not, part of the text clashes or blends into part of the image making it unreadable in places. A magazine is done by a desktop publisher which aligns text along a path to get it looking right and balanced……doing that with html would be a nightmare that I wouldn’t even attempt to try.

    The other option I found was to prepare the text along with your image in an image manipulator, flatten it, and save it as a jpeg. Upload the jpeg with NO added text, since the text is already part of it. That way you could use your desktop publishing skills and get the image just right……it does rely on the surfer viewing it at the same resolution as you, and won’t be available as text for people with images blocked by firewalls etc……it’ll also kill off your attractiveness to search engine spiders as they can’t do images….they feed on text.


    gotcha dr mike.
    whoops and sorry bout that then

    thx raincoaster. i guess you are reffering to the “rasterizing” effect..or no rasterizing of the HTML and i understand how this could be a visual problem.

    if my future experiments will comeup with anything ill let you ppl know.



    Me? No: I’m referring to the fact that the way things are set up here we’re not allowed to change our templates. If we could, all changes would change the template for everyone using that template. As a result, people who want to do a lot of visual tweaking tend not to choose hosting at

    Since you’re not hosted at anyway, this doesn’t apply to you. You need to be at as Dr Mike suggested.

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