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Layout for oxygen theme question

  1. I am using the oxygen theme.

    I have different menus. When I click on 'home' this is my main page which contains all of my separate blog entries.

    * I want to be able to click on my other menu, 'Changnyeong/food and drink' and for their to be a lists of my blogs posts about just restaurants. (Right now it is just one page- one long blog.)

    Is this possible? I think i have seen it on other blogs that uses my theme.)

    I hope you understand! Thank you in advanced!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am using the oxygen theme and I am having problems with the menus. I know how to create a new page but I want to create a new blog list page.
    When I click on home this shows all of my blogs. (This I like) I want to be able to click on Changnyeong and for the drop down menu- Food and coffee to also be a list of blogs not just a page. (I want it to be like the Outdoor and Adventure/My Underwater World menu.) Just like this blog...

  3. My previous problem has been resolved. (Thank you deqna07)

    I have a new query!

    I would like to know if it is possible to have 'my followers' thumbnail image to appear in my slide bar. Currently I have the words, '10 followers' but I would like their photography to appear instead.


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