Layout issue in Twenty Twelve theme

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    Hi there,

    On the About page, I am trying to have the images flush-left with the text wrapped. The first image is perfect, the second one…not so much. I read that the <div> tag may cause layout issues so I deleted them all.

    Then, I switched from the “text” tab to “visual” and did some returns and had the layout the way I would like it. When I hit “update” it reverted back. I cleared the cache, did it again and had the same result.

    I went back to the “text” tab and put <p> tags to try and format the page. I put them all in, switched to “visual” and it looked great. I went to preview and it reverted back.

    I feel like I’m missing something. Please help. The link to the page is:

    The blog I need help with is


    Refreshed the page and the layout is the way I want it. Sorry!

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