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Layout Issue With IE

  1. I just noticed today that my site, while displaying fine in Firefox, doesn't load correctly in IE. Can someone take a look at this and tell me what might be causing this problem? I'm not too familiar with PHP/CSS so it's kind of hard for me to determine the cause of this myself. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

  2. Can you provide us with a link to your blog?

  3. Oh wow, I'm sorry - I guess that'd be helpful, wouldn't it? It's - Sorry about that!

  4. Yep, your central column is too wide to fit on my screen and gets bumped below your sidebars. I'm on IE6.

  5. So you're not hosted on, but have downloaded and set up the software yourself?

    I'm afraid you're at the wrong place. You should be over at


    It looks fine in FF, but I guess you knew that. :)

  6. Oh okay, sorry about that.

    Raincoaster - Thanks, I'll look into that!

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