Layout Issues with Oulipo – sharing buttons wander in to posts

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    after great help from wordpress over the holidays with a previous layout issue (thanks guys!!), I ran in to another problem:

    One some pages the sharing buttons – here: fb and email – appear in the content of the post, rather than below the post.


    I read the post about Layout Issues in the Support: Themes section and checked for <div> and More tags in the HTML…
    I compared the HTML of the problematic pages to the HTML of the fine pages…and could not spot difference / problem…

    Sorry keeping everybody busy over the holidays…this blog is a Chrissie present for my mum…all her 60+ friends are super-excited and I am trying to finish the basic setup of her blog before the holiday season is over and I got to be back at work…

    thanks heaps for help and Happy Snowy New Year everyone!


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there—thanks for the report, that issue is fixed now. (It was a minor layout bug with the Sharing links.)

    Happy holidays to you!

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