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  1. Hello. I'd be really pleased if you could assist me.

    I currently have my portfolio at but am in the process of setting up a better functioning wordpress blog using, and 'Freshy by Julien De Luca' seemed to fit the bill. As I am keen to have a front page that is changing, diary like series of posts, but want a bar at the top with the title of pages (i think this is called page navigation)with 4-5 title pages 'parent pages'

    Whilst I understand that these are static pages I had hoped to have the titles of each 'child page' (of which there will be 10-15 per family so to speak) visible when looking at the parent page, but not all of them visible all of the time.

    the following site demostrates what i mean:

    is this possible? and would someone mind explaining how to tackle this.

  2. Please don't spam the forum by posting the same thing twice....

  3. A double post can come in error.

    Theoretically that is possible with It would be much easier to achieve with the self hosted version of WordPress, available at

  4. Athe bottom it's worded different that's what tipped me off that they doubled posted

    here is the link to the other post decide for you're self....

  5. reference one post has there name at the bottom and the other post doesn't

  6. You may be right, of course. But I still doubt any bad intentions just by the kind way the question is asked.

  7. Well, nobody has answered the question in either case.

    No, I'm pretty sure you can't do that on using Freshy. But you could do it with an independently-hosted blog using Freshy, provided you had the programming skills.

  8. what you're asking is not possible here at
    sorry ...

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