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  1. Hello. I'd be really pleased if you could assist me.

    I currently have my portfolio at but am in the process of setting up a better functioning wordpress blog using, and 'Freshy by Julien De Luca' seemed to fit the bill. As I am keen to have a front page that is changing, diary like series of posts, but want a bar at the top with the title of pages (i think this is called page navigation)with 4-5 title pages 'parent pages'

    Whilst I understand that these are static pages I had hoped to have the titles of each 'child page' (of which there will be 10-15 per family so to speak) visible when looking at the parent page, but not all of them visible all of the time.

    the following site demostrates what i mean:

    is this possible? and would someone mind explaining how to tackle this.
    thank you

  2. It's possible with an independently-hosted blog using WordPress software, but I don't believe it's possible here at

  3. thank you raincoaster,
    is that the definitive answer?
    anyone else have any imput?

    thank you

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