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layout problem with fadtastic theme

  1. i love the theme fadtastic. however i am having layout issues. comment fied dialog boxes (your name, your email etc)are overlapping adjuscent stuff on the right side.

    it looks MESSY!

    if you need to have a peek just click

  2. It displays just fine in Firefox. What are you using to view it with?

  3. FF 2 and IE7 render it fine. Monitor is 1280x800.

  4. i am using ie7,
    monitor is 10248768

  5. i am using ie7,
    monitor is 10248 * 768

  6. It renders fine for me in both firefox and IE7
    Also don't forget that on this theme your viewers change adjust the size of the comment box.

  7. I'm also using the Fadtastic theme and have two screen grabs of its comment box rendered with IE7 on a 1024x768 monitor at full-screen resolution.

    I think the problem occurs on the individual post pages when the content column on the left is shorter than the adjacent sidebar.

    Here's what the comments box looks like when the content extends past the adjacent sidebar:

    But when the post doesn't extend past the sidebar the comment box is improperly rendered:

    Of course in a perfect world everyone would be using Firefox, but then life would be too easy ;-)

  8. I think it's cool that this theme has an extra feature. That feature is to allow every viewer to adjust the size of the comment box to suit themselves and the browser they use. :)

  9. This may be slightly OT, but the new version of Safari (3.0.3 Beta) allows you to resize any text filed or comment box on any website by just grabbing the lower right hand corner and dragging. A really neat feature, but you can sure mess up websites if you go for wider and there is stuff beside the field.

  10. timethief, if you have another look at my examples you'll see that there is no option to resize the comment box when the page is rendered with Internet Explorer. For me that feature only shows up when the page is loaded with Firefox...

  11. Hi there,
    I see exactly what you mean as I have viewed your blog directly with both firefox and with IE and left test comments. Suffice to say that volunteers cannot help with how browsers render images, only staff can. I believe you may want to send a ticket into staff using the "support" button on the top right hand corner of admin side any blog page, during support hours.
    Best wishes :)

  12. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't mistaken... Thanks very much for confirming this issue!

  13. You're welcome. :)

  14. I am also having a problem with this theme.(install on my own domain). The homepage looks fine, but when you look at a single page post, the sidebar disappears, and ends up on the lower left...although if you are logged in as a registered user on the site, the single posts along with the sidebars are fine. Any ideas?

  15. Although i do like the have done good.

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