Layout problems w Parament HELP? pages disappearing, font issue, video issue

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    Hi! The layout is not working as I expected on Parament. I believe I’ve tried several of the recommendations for the changes but the layout still doesn’t change. Maybe I didn’t try the recommendations correctly. I am trying to help my sister setup a new business. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I upgraded to the ProBundle thinking I could accomplish what I needed but it is still not working as I hoped. My sister’s blog is
    1) I have tried to remove the VideoPress title displaying at the right of my videos. I tried deleting the titles as suggested but the VideoPress title still displays.
    2) The title of my last page sometimes disappears from the the menu bar. I tried viewing it from 3 computers (Windows- and Apple-based devices) and the disappearing page occurs on each computer … not sure how to force it to happen. I’ve changed the page number several times and it still appears/disappears.
    3) I have used ‘Revert’ to return to the default Parament font for the header. On the Custom Font page and on the Header Page, the tag appears much larger but when ‘viewed’, the tag line is so small it cannot be read. How do I get the tag line to be bigger? It is not matching the theme display.
    4) I had already purchased a domain name from GoDaddy. They suggested I use WordPress to develop since iWeb does not have tag lines for SEO. Will I lose any formatting if I have to convert it to Is there a way for me to use my GoDaddy domain name ( and a ‘name server’ function to keep site on WordPress? I believe I read something about this in the support pages.
    5) One of my goals for my calendar page is to have it open automatically in a new window to my linked page. Is that possible without clicking on an image or word? I have tried it several ways and am still testing it on this calendar page. Currently, as the last page, this page is the disappearing one. Not sure if you will be able to see it.
    I REALLY like Parament. Had tried to force TwentyEleven to have this look and feel but kept running into layout issues, particularly spacing. THANK YOU!!!! Lisa Gritti

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry you’re having these problems getting your site setup and working the way you want it. Let me see if I can help get this all sorted out for you.

    1. Are you referring to the VideoPress watermark that appears in the upper-right-hand corner of your videos? If so then I’m afraid that cannot be removed. If not, could you take a screenshot that shows what you are referring to and upload it to your media library? ( You can leave a link to the screenshot here and I’ll be able to see it.

    2 & 3. We have had several reports from users about recent pages/changes appearing and disappearing in the same way that you are. We are currently investigating what might be causing this problem. Sit tight and we will hopefully have a solution soon.

    4. You can absolutely use your GoDaddy domain here at I see you have now purchased the Domain Mapping Upgrade, and I can access your site through your custom domain. Do you still have any questions about this?

    5. If you want to link to your external calendar from your menu, you can create a Custom Menu, and include that item as a Custom Link from We have more information on creating Custom Menus at

    Does that answer all of your questions? Is there anything else I can help you with?




    Hi again,

    I was doing some more exploring in regards to the font sizes. When I look at your custom font settings I see you have the heading font set to -9. If I increase that size your tagline gets bigger. Is this not how it’s working for you?




    Thank you for your advice.
    1) I uploaded a screen shot of the VideoPress logo. Is this the watermark you referred to? If not, how do I get rid of it?
    2) I didn’t realize that header included the tagline. Thank you. Your suggestion fixed the problem.
    3) I have the GoDaddy link fixed. Easy-peasy! Thanks!!
    4) Will wait with baited breathe about the appearing/disappearing pages.
    Thanks again for your assistance. I look forward to your response regarding the VideoPress logo.



    Also, I have deleted all history screens from IE and Foxfire. Yet, when I view from Foxfire, I am missing the Look at our PDC parties. When I view from IE, not only do I see the ‘Look at …’ page but also the ‘Sneak Peak …’ page which is in my Trash folder. When I change the ‘Look at …’ to page 6 and Calendar to page 8, all pages appear, no matter if I am using Foxfire, Chrome, iPhone5, — oops, not IE8. I’ve tried it several times and keep having the appearing/disappearing pages. Thanks. Lisa



    Hi there,

    That VideoPress logo is indeed the watermark that I referred to. All VideoPress videos have that image.

    I’m glad to hear you got your tagline and GoDaddy domain working!

    The appearing/disappearing items in the menu should now be repaired. If you are still seeing this problem in any of your browsers, could you try clearing the cache and cookies and reloading the page to see if it persists?


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