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Layout suddenly crasched

  1. Dont know what happened.
    Suddenly my layout ( sidebar ) behve crazy.
    In Firefox, the calenderm and stats widget has moved up and overlay Last posted. And hits and spamblock is much bigger.

    In IE, it´s on their right place, but a litte to much to left but also there much bigger.

    Using template Pool, but it seams more like a css problem or?

  2. Your blog looks fine to me in IE7.

  3. Respons' site looks pretty jacked in Firefox 2. This isn't related to the current issue with Kubrick headers/footers, is it?

  4. Yeah, it's a mess in FF alrighty. Wish I could help, but all I can do is suggest sending a Feedback.

  5. I have IE 6.0.290 spx2 and in thesidebar , down under search it´s too big calender and text.

    Then I use Firefox 2, there the sidebar is total messed up, even if I use the IE use ( looks like standalone IE)

    It just happened, around 19.00 swe time ( 6 hours ago ), haven´t done anything

  6. Oh, that.

    (Too many tabs tonight. That's what I get for not paying down.)

    This image is too wide. It's over 500 pixels wide for a 100 pixel (or so) wide sidebar. That's probably what's throwing it off.

  7. No that one is 80x15, but two others are 179 wide, but I have had them all the time, so way should it get messed up now?

  8. Now Ichanged those pictures to width 150, smaler than the searchbox wide, but the problem is still there.

    I have send it to the Feedback, maybe they can look att the css

  9. It looks like a colossal sidebar image.
    Links to
    Remove the text widgets and see what happens to the sidebar.

  10. strange, that links to as I said a img only 80x15,
    as the others in that widget.

    How can that just crached when it´s been there all the time?

    Well I took that text widget away, and no it look alrigt again. *confused*

    thank I´ll try to put it back in a new widget.
    Thinking, maybe something happended when I tried to put the countercode talked about in

    I did´t see the counter so I erased the code, maybe something happened then?

    I cleaned and rewrote the code, now it´s okey even with the img

    Thanks a lot for the help!

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