How to put multiple image on the same line?

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    Spectrum Theme. On the HOME page I want place four horizontal photos across the bottoms as thumbnails to stories on other pages. I can handle the HTML to point to the page but can’t figure out how to do that layout. Two sets of three horizonantal photos could work. Just images across the page with a few lines of copy underneath.
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    Insert the images as normal and choose align left on each one. Position the cursor carefully when doing each insertion as that determines where the images will be located.



    Thanks for the tip….But you weren’t kidding about the careful insertions. It took several hours to get three photos with captions lined up right…And when I added a fourth one photo bounced to the top of the page! Found it was easier to work in VISUAL and then go back to HTML to correct. But now I have a stumper. Please check There’s one photo of a woman doctor there, a thumb, and I have attached captions and alternate cpy to her foto six or seven times without success. I found if I go to EDIT and right click on the photo and then click on the little photo glyph that pops up, I can drop in the caption. But no matter how I enter it, INSET in post and UPGRADE it’s never there when I view page. What’s up? I’m going nuts over this. (Not really…just frustrated.)

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