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lazy girl writes craft blog...

  1. peanutbutterbelljar

    Expect lots of PVA and getting sidetracked...the odd recipe, gift ideas, party planning and things I did instead of doing what I'd planned to.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. peanutbutterbelljar

  3. hey!

    I like your theme "lazy girl writes craft blog". My only suggestion for the look of it would be to make it more 'texturized' . Craft blogs have definitely a very specific following (mostly female) which are very much into textures, patterns and different materials, maybe you could bring this to your blog to make it more appealing to your readers.

    I think these 2 blogs: and have great design, they both are simple and clean, yet they include textures (wood as a background and shiny ribbons) - you could add something similar but unique to your style.

    This other blog has great styling tools and techniques:

    Hope this helps :)


  4. peanutbutterbelljar

    Thankyou, I really appreciate your suggestions and hope to get my blog looking more suitable very soon :)

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